Custom Bike Fit

When you think about buying new bike, the first thing you should think about is the fit. Like buying a tennis racket or a pair of running shoes, ensuring you are able to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your body can depend on whether or not the fit is right. It’s not just about being comfortable, it is about riding as fast as you can and enjoying your cycling to the maximum.

We offer an extensive bike fit service whereby all of your measurement are taken and documented following a session to determine the most optimum riding position, which is ultimately a balance between performance and comfort. With these measurements, we then review all of the brands on offer to determine the best potential fit for you – all over an in-house Big Maggys or Lavazza coffee of course!

You can then tailor your build and choose each and every component based on our recommendations, your own research and a balanced mutual view of how you can get the best value and performance from your investment.

Buying a bike and the process you go through to make that decision, is one of the most exciting things about cycling. It needs to be exciting!