Bike Box Rental

black_boxBig Maggy’s offer a bike box rental service. I’m sure you all know the feeling of returning from a trip to find your bike is not in the same state it was when you left your point of departure! Especially stressful, are those occasions when you travel to a race, sportive or training camp only to find a damaged bike inside that cheap bike bag you thought would do the trick!

Well why use a bag to protect your pride and joy (which you spent £1000’s on!) when you can rent a solid Bike Box from Big Maggy’s,

Rates are as follows:

Weekend Hire: £45.00

Full Week Hire (Up to 7 Calendar Days): £80

We use industry leading Bike Box Alan cases or similar so your bike will be safe and sound. Contact us to book your box.
Remember, depending on which Airline you are traveling with, you’ll need to let them know in advance that you have a bike box as it is classed as sporting equipment and may be chargeable depending on the Airline.


If you are transporting your bike by Plane or courier. We always average out the dimensions, which usually results in a cheaper price. Use 80 Height x 90 Long x 30 Thickness. Weight is 11.2KG. Airlines allow approx 23KG depending on which carrier so make sure you don’t put in more than 5KG of extra clothing over and above your bike – this way you keep within the 23KG and avoid getting shafted on extra costs.

Tip of the Moment – Pack your cycling kit/clothing etc in the box and you might get away with it being treated as a suitcase and with no supplementary sporting equipment levy! BA are best with dealing with Bike Boxes in our experience but check with the Airline first preferably!

This service is for local Jersey hire only.

For detail on Airline Policy, see links here:


British Airways:


Damage Policy

Should any damage be sustained to our boxes during your trip, we will charge you for the estimated repair cost at the time of returning it to the shop. If it is clear the box cannot be repaired, we will charge you for the full replacement cost of the box and you will need to recoup the costs afterwards via your insurance claim.