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A bit more of a Q (ring) at Big Maggys

As some of you will have read a couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and put two sets of Rotor’s Q-Rings on my bikes. The results were almost instant with a personal best on the ‘Kick’ at the training ride sprint and significantly longer at higher (for me) power outputs. The lack of ‘ache’ in the legs after […]

Up Early to the woods

Mike, Moffs and a load of Big Maggys friends took their mountain bikes and a camera to the woods yesterday for a bit of mud and fun. The start was very early but I am reliably informed that after the bacon rolls and coffee the mood was enhanced by the bright sunlight and general joviality. Here are the results. Massive […]

Q ing up for Q rings

Some of you may have seen the write up of the Blingtastic Kuota Kebel on the Flamme Rouge website and been a bit interested in the not quite round chain-rings.  I, for one, am not sure why Rotor called them Q rings as surely the pointy bit of the Q would get in the way of the pedal stroke (?) […]

Kuota Road Test

We recently lent my beloved Kebel to our friend at Flamme Rouge so he could ‘have a go’.  Tony Williams (no relation) is known all over the world for his training plans, sportive adventures and having climbed Mt Ventoux 5 times in 24 hours (foolish). Have a read of here Kuota Kebel Flamme Rouge Road Test and then give us […]

Giro D’Italia 2012

I know I’m gonna get in trouble for jumping on the bandwagon and stealing this video off someone else’s blog but I reckon he’ll forgive us… enjoy. I’m biased but yes the Giro is the greatest race in the world …

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